Car Seat Gap Organizer


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How many times has your phone, wallet and important stuff slipped into that annoying gap between your car seats? Everyone suffers from that car "black hole" syndrome right?

Finally...a solution to the problem that has plagued drivers and passengers since the dawn of the automobile! An instant Car Gap Organizer that features convenient space for your glasses, smartphone, cups, coins and so much more. 

*We have actually tested this product in our own cars... and it is awesome! Get Left side, or Right side or order as a set to save $

  • Instant extra storage: for phones, glasses, wallets, cups, paperwork, drinks and so much more!
  • High-quality: easy to clean PU Leather design with stylish contrasting stitch. 
  • Suitable for most cars: simply slide the innovative wedge base between seat pocket and console until you find a nice snug spot.
  • Solves the problem of the dreaded car "black hole" syndrome.  

Car Seat Gap Organizer - GadgetCart Car Seat Gap Organizer - GadgetCart Car Seat Gap Organizer - GadgetCart

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