3D Printing Pen Artist, Designer and Crafting Gadget


Take Your Art to Another Dimension!

 Normal pen and pencil drawing on paper is limited to 2d. Now you can make your imagination & designs pop in vibrant color off the page!. 

Draw Vertically! 
You can create a simple cube or complex replica of the Brooklyn Bridge. Take a 2D drawing and build it up into a 3D model. Create jewelry, home décor, toys and more with this 3D pen.

  • Easy to use: Setup, and ready to draw in under 2 minutes.
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Adjustable drawing speed
  • LCD display
  • Compatible with PLA or ABS filaments
How it Works:
  1. The ink used in this 3D printing pen is plastic filament.
  2. Load the filament into the pen. As the pen heats the filament, it will extrude from the tip in a semi-liquid form.
  3. The plastic cools almost immediately, forming solid objects in midair. The creations are durable and can be built up in any direction.
this 3D pen is easier to use than a glue gun & the tip does get hot. However, don’t touch the nozzle or tip when the pen is in use as the plastic filament itself is heated. 

3D Pen Art maker

What Comes With it ?
  • (Blue) 3D printing pen with 0.7 mm nozzle 
  • 20 rolls of filaments in different colors: 1.75mm diameter ABS/PLA
  • Power adapter: 12V 2A
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • finger sleeve
What Can You Do With it?
  • Build models and prototypes
  • Enhance 2D artwork with color and texture
  • Create jewelry and accessories
  • Create plastic parts and accessories for dolls or toys
  • Make magnets
  • Add a real-life dimension to learning
  • Encourage your creativity
  • Help your children look at art in a whole new way

3D pen Art exemple

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