Blue Tooth Tracker Smart Key Finder Security Gadget


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Tired of losing your keys?

Key tag sized blue tooth tracker that connects with your phone to keep track of keys, wallet, luggage or whatever is important to you. Features smart two-way tracker that allows you to set-up a range between your phone and device. When one of them goes out of range, both of them alert you that you're leaving something behind!

The tag can also be used as a trigger for your phone camera or your voice recognition.

Track the stuff you are about:

  • Young kids
  • Pets
  • Luggage
  • car
  • Purse


  • 4 Colors, Red, Black, White, Green
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android devices
  • Working Distance: About 75 Feet
  • Easy to use by downloading the free app on your phone
  • When activated, tracker plays a loud alarm to help you trace where it

    Blue Tooth Tracker Smart Key Finder

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