CLICK Speedometer Designer Fashion Watch


Rev-Up Your Style...

A stunning sweep hand watch designed to resemble and mimic the action of a Speedometer. Definitely will raise eyebrows and start conversations but don't rely on this cool wrist-gear it for precise time-telling! The increments are 10-minute intervals so you will have to visually estimate within a 10-minute gap. 

Your watch is a statement..what do you want to say?


✔️ Case: Stainless Steel 316L
✔️ Strap: Genuine Leather
✔️ 4 Finishes Available
✔️ Measurements : Diameter 45mm x Depth:  12mm
✔️ Functions: Unique Time Display

✔️ USB cable and screwdriver included
✔️ Patented Motor Movement with Idle Mode

Instruction Manual :

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