Ionic Electric Hairbrush

Frizzy hair - No more!

Ionic hair brush gadgetcart

It has never been easier to tame your hair and get silky, smooth and manageable hair, no matter where you are. Our Ionic brush does the work for you by using negative ions to balance out the ions in your hair.

Sounds like magic, works like magic, but really it's just science!  


Why do you need this?

You can forget the phrasing "bad hair day". You can get smooth beautiful hair wherever you are. Simply get your compact brush out of your purse, turn it on, let it work its magic and you are ready to go!

Windy or rainy weather on your way to work or school? No problem, you will look great in a matter of seconds. The batteries will last for months so don't you ever worry about showing up not looking your best again.

Ionic hair brush gadgetcart



    The negative ions are activated by heat, which is why Ionic-Breeze is powered by electricity (two AA-batteries). Once you turn the brush on it will start to emit negative ions to counter the positive ions in your hair. The results speaks for it self. The hair immediately gets less frizzy and you can start enjoying your new look literally within seconds. Our hair friendly technology protects your hair while giving you a beautiful silky smooth result! 

    It's time for this:

    Ionic hair brush gadgetcart

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