Windsheild & Phone Screen Repair Kit Gadget to Fix Cracks in Glass


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Repair cracks in your phone screen in a few minutes!

You don't need to pay hundreds of Dollars to repair your phone screen or windshield, You can do it at home for just a few bucks! This tool allows anyone to fix crack or chips in any given window, windshield or even your phone!

The process removes air from the break and then pressure fills it with resin to repair the damage.

Use as soon as possible after the damage occurs for best results. The kit can repair damage to cracks 1 inch in diameter and up to 12 inches long. 

  • Repairs all types of laminated windshields
  • Effectively minimizes appearance of chips and cracks and stops them from spreading
  • Advanced resin formula for a strong and secured repair
  • Good for multiple repairs

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